Soil investigation and analysis is essential to a successful project, as it allows our clients to determine the most effective – and economic – option for their particular site remediation needs.

Following federal and state guidelines, sampling is conducted during a site investigation in areas where the highest contaminant concentrations are suspected to be present, to determine the type and concentration of the contaminants. Contamination is delineated through a remedial investigation to gather enough information about the contamination, the media and the site, to determine the appropriate course of action required to remediate or mitigate the contamination.

Finally, as part of any remedial action performed, additional sampling is typically conducted to ensure that any contamination has been successfully remediated.

Soil samples

We partner with experienced laboratories, who are fully certified and licensed, for field sampling, laboratory analysis, site sampling plans and sampling location diagrams, as needed. We then provide on-site project management for our customers, overseeing all aspects of transportation and logistics related to sampling.

Once results are available, we then work with our customers to determine opportunities for reducing potential liability and maximizing project efficiency.

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