We provide clients throughout the northeast with turnkey services for the proper characterization, on site management, and transportation of contaminated soils through our “Total Project Management” approach.

Consult РWe are there as a resource when discussing environmental concerns with your client.

Review – We will review environmental site investigations and analytical data to provide several disposal options geared toward your clients level of liability sensitivity.

Arrange – We can arrange for an independent certified lab to properly characterize your soil project for disposal.

Execute – We will provide all documentation necessary to obtain facility approval, provide proper shipping documents and arrange for properly licensed and insured transporters to remove the waste.

Backup РWe will provide a professionally prepared invoice with all support documentation within one  week of project completion.

Services Planning

When soil has been contaminated, our experts work to remediate what’s on site. But when soil removal is required for materials which are deemed to be too heavily contaminated for remediation, we work to ensure any contaminated soil is properly transported and not released back into the environment.

We partner with many soil disposal and beneficial reuse facilities throughout the region which allows us to provide safe, secure, and environmentally responsible disposal, recycle, or beneficial reuse options for all soils from hazardous to residential clean. This positions us to offer our clients a consistently reliable, competitive approach to soil disposal and provide recycling and reuse options for any soil you may encounter.

Our data review process involves planning, assessing, reporting, and quality improvement tasks which are designed to establish the reliability of laboratory data. This process of evaluating the quality of analytical data to determine whether the data are of sufficient quality occurs over two-steps.

Following federal and state guidelines, sampling is conducted during a site investigation in areas where the highest contaminant concentrations are suspected to be present, to determine the type and concentration of the contaminants. Contamination is delineated through a remedial investigation to gather enough information about the contamination, the media and the site, to determine the appropriate course of action required to remediate or mitigate the contamination.

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